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Quadrant Laboratories

We develop and process saliva-based diagnostics with a focus on pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders. Our tests use a simple, non-invasive saliva swab for sample collection and can be sent directly to the patient’s home or to the doctor’s office. 

Our state-of-the-art Genomic Core Facility develops assays as a complement to the diagnostic process. Genetic (DNA), epigenetic (RNA) and environmental factors play a vital role in many neurological conditions. The genetic and epigenetic biomarkers we’ve discovered in saliva reflect brain function, the key reason saliva is our biofluid of choice.

Now Offering Genetic Testing

We’re currently offering saliva-based genetic tests for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), intellectual disabilities (ID), and Fragile X Syndrome (FXS). 

Genetic testing typically follows a diagnosis, so parents and providers can get more insight into a diagnosis to help guide treatment plans and gain access to resources. 

Results of our assays are processed in our 50-state CLIA/CLEP accredited clinical lab and sent back to the ordering provider within 4-6 weeks.

*Currently our ASD panel is outsourced to a partner lab. Quadrant Laboratories is awaiting final approval from the New York State Department of Health. We anticipate processing the ASD/ID panel in our laboratory by summer 2024. 

Genetic testing can only be ordered by a healthcare provider. Parents interested in genetic testing can download our Test Flyer to send to their providers.

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What’s Developing in the Lab

Saliva may hold the key to the early detection of many neurological conditions.  Our saliva-based epigenetic tools are designed to aid in the early diagnosis of autism, concussion, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological conditions. 

Our proprietary epigenetic platform has the utility to extend to many neurological conditions.

In Development

Quadrant Laboratories