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Independent from the clinical diagnostic facilities Quadrant Laboratories built a state-of-the-art environmental testing laboratory, performing over 5,000 wastewater tests annually for 70 counties and organizations across New York and Pennsylvania.

Environmental testing, a cost-effective public health measure

Currently the Environmental Laboratory tests for the presence and quantity of the SARS-CoV-2 virus relative to human population markers in wastewater. As emerging infectious diseases become prevalent, we will assess the feasibility of wastewater surveillance for the pathogen of interest. Wastewater surveillance as a public health measure can be a cost-effective, noninvasive method of mitigating disease transmission.

Quadrant Laboratories performs wastewater and environmental testing through Quadrant Viral Testing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quadrant Biosciences.

Published Research

Quantification of SARS-CoV-2 and cross-assembly phage (crAssphage) from wastewater to monitor coronavirus transmission within communities, Medrxiv, May 2020

Learn how scientists and public health officials are using wastewater surveillance to detect infectious and chronic diseases and predict public health risks.

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