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Quadrant’s 50-state CLIA/CLEP accredited clinical lab’s mission is to improve diagnostic accuracy and patient access through novel molecular assays for both clinical and public health applications. For the majority, our tests are offered through an easy at home saliva collection process.

Our public health applications fulfill a community need for testing. Beginning in March 2020, Quadrant Laboratories partnered with SUNY Upstate Medical University to respond to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic.  Our collaboration has significantly advanced patient care and public health throughout New York State.


"Telehealth enabled genomic testing will be the new standard of care to bring much needed genetic testing to families. This will allow for earlier intervention, accelerate management decisions, help identify targeted therapies and reduce barriers to testing in the comfort of their home. Our broad genetic panel testing allows for an efficient evaluation of many potential autism makers based on one clinical indication"

Funda Suer, EVP Clinical Diagnostics and Clinical Laboratory Director, Quadrant Biosciences

Genetic Testing

Our genetic tests may identify genetic variations that may be the underlying cause of conditions such as autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental delays.

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Public Health Solutions

We partner with top organizations and institutions to provide best-in-class diagnostic, screening and surveillance solutions for respiratory and communicable diseases that are engineered to be scalable and accessible.

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