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Who We Are

Quadrant Laboratories is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quadrant Biosciences, a life sciences company dedicated to improving the lives of children and families by delivering innovative diagnostic, therapeutic, and virtual care solutions for global health priorities

Our goal in the laboratory is to enhance the lives of our patients and their families, by developing laboratory tests that provide insight into a diagnosis, through personalized, science-based, biologic applications.

Some of today’s most pressing neurological conditions are diagnosed through clinical assessments, our purpose is to develop assays that will change how we manage these health concerns by complementing the current diagnostic process with biological affirmation.

Having both clinical and biological indications puts patients and providers in the know

What We Do

Quadrant Laboratories supports families impacted by neurodevelopmental disorders like autism by developing testing solutions that enhance existing diagnostic methods. These advancements provide healthcare professionals, parents, and patients with comprehensive data and meaningful insights into a patient’s biological composition. This information guides tailored care plans and empowers families to access the necessary resources needed to live life to the fullest.

Why Our Tests

Our testing solutions are tailored for pediatric use, particularly for children with developmental or behavioral challenges. These circumstances can make tasks like visiting unfamiliar places or meeting new individuals, as well as undergoing blood draws, more challenging. Now, parents and trusted healthcare providers have the option to conduct the tests in the comfort of their homes or offices.


Our test uses a simple, non-invasive saliva collection swab. It’s easy, pain-free, and eliminates the need for a blood draw!


No more lab visits! We send the collection kit to the patient's home or the doctor's office, with full instructions on how to collect the sample and ship it back to our lab.


We analyze a full panel of the latest genes associated with autism and intellectual disabilities including the most recent genes identified in the SPARK studies.