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About Us

Quadrant Laboratories is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quadrant Biosciences, a life sciences company dedicated to improving the lives of children and families by  delivering innovative diagnostic, therapeutic, and virtual care solutions for global health priorities

Through the development of novel diagnostics, Quadrant Laboratories provides solutions that accelerate the diagnostic timeline and deliver scientifically sound results earlier allowing individuals to make informed healthcare decisions.  

Our Mission

Our focus on early diagnosis in the fields of autism spectrum disorder, mild traumatic brain injury, and Parkinson’s disease may change the course of a person’s life by allowing earlier access to treatment.

Our passion for helping families with autism drives us to create genetic testing that will provide healthcare providers, parents and patients with more answers and insight so families can get the care and resources needed to live their best lives.

Our expertise in RNA analysis through our work with autism gave us tremendous insight, allowing us to develop the most sensitive COVID saliva test on the market giving millions of New Yorkers access to PCR testing during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Genetic Tests

Viral Tests

Quadrant Laboratories