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Our goal is to work with all insurers

Our mission is to ensure every child has access to the care they need, precisely when they need it. We collaborate with numerous insurance carriers and are actively pursuing coverage in every state, establishing contracts with private insurers and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).

We aim for complete price transparency

The cost of testing depends on the patient’s specific health plan. Copays and high deductible plans can introduce variability in cost. After your healthcare provider orders genetic testing, they will provide us with insurance information so we can conduct a comprehensive benefits investigation. This allows families to make an informed decision about proceeding with testing.

Please be advised that the purpose of the benefits investigation is to understand the health plans’ benefits related to the ASD/ID Gene Panel. The results of the benefits investigation will provide families with an estimation of out-of-pocket expenses based upon the benefits provided to us by the health plan. Final charges may differ depending on various factors. This is not a guarantee of coverage or payment by your health plan. Final patient responsibility amounts will be based on your health plan’s explanation of benefits.

Click on your state to see which insurance plans are available.

Insurance not listed?

Your insurance company may still cover testing. The benefits investigation will provide you with our network status and benefits accordingly.

Not covered?

We offer a cash pay option you can reach out to our support team for payment options. You can pay via credit/debit or utilize your FSA (flexible spending account).

Coverage was denied

If you receive a denial from your insurance company, please know that our billing team will appeal and advocate on your behalf to ensure coverage. Please contact our support team for next steps on how to proceed.

Contact our support team at: [email protected]