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Interlachen, FLORIDA – After Sarah Foshee’s 7-year-old daughter, Violet, was diagnosed with autism, she was referred by a licensed healthcare provider for genetic testing. Sarah dreaded the thought of her daughter enduring a blood draw but was pleasantly surprised when she learned that the test was ordered from Quadrant Laboratories, which utilizes a saliva swab and could be done from the comfort of her home.

She said, “I thought it was somewhere I was going to have to go for a blood draw. To not have to do that, I cannot express how amazing that was. No mom wants to hold their kid down when they are kicking and screaming and crying.”

When the test kit arrived in her mailbox, Sarah and her husband carefully read through the instructions, which they felt were very easy to understand. 

“We received the test in the mail, which made my life easier because I didn’t have to go anywhere. I was very grateful because Violet doesn’t like going to new places, like laboratories and doctors offices. For me, it was a great peace of mind that I could do it in my own home. My daughter cooperated very easily. It was easy to mail back as well,” said Sarah.

Quadrant Laboratories can facilitate genetic counseling after genetic testing, which is helpful to better understand the test results and what they mean for your child and family. Sarah was impressed that she received a call from the genetic counselor even before getting the report in the mail. She says the genetic counselor explained the results in a way that she could understand.

She said, “As a mom who can get anxious, it was a weight off of my shoulders. The testing found that there is a duplication on my daughter’s chromosomes and they explained what it meant and what it looks like going forward… I always say labels don’t matter but to know there’s nothing medically I need to worry about, it was a relief. They had a wonderful way to explain it to me to alleviate any stress.”

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